O week as an Introvert

qut introvertBeing an introvert is a tricky balance between wanting to be social but not wanting to go through all the logistics of social life. Uni is the best place to meet people with similar interests to you, and there’s potential to make friends for life. This is why its so worth it to make the effort to try and meet new people. I know that this is easier said than done, but here are a few tips you can use when you attend O week, and apply throughout your time at uni as well. Read more

Want to blog here? Become a QUT Digital Ambassador.

If you’re a current QUT undergraduate domestic student looking for a unique opportunity to share your university journey and the story of how you ended up at QUT, now is the time to apply to become part of the team!

DA Dream TeamWe’re looking for a team of students from all study areas who love using social media and enjoy photography, writing, drawing, interviewing, graphic design, filmmaking or blogging. You’ll be paid to create content that will be published on QUT’s Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube accounts, as well as right here on the QUT Student Sharehouse Blog.

We encourage creativity and are looking for photos, videos, drawings, infographics, writing, Vine clips, interviews, (or a combination of these) to show high school students what it’s like to be a student at QUT.

Check out other posts on the QUT Student Sharehouse Blog for inspiration and ideas, or take a look below at some of our most popular posts from last year.

Saying_yes_to_the_dressstudy_tips-gradHow to apply

To apply for this position, you will need to submit a written application, outlining why you would like to become a digital ambassador and express why you’d be suitable for the role.

You’ll also need to submit an example of creative work that describes how you settled into uni life. Your creative work should be in one of these forms, either:

  • a blog post (200-300 words in length). Please include an image in your post.
  • a series of four Instagram posts (image and/or video)

If you already have or contribute to public social media accounts, such as a blog, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube channel, etc, please provide links to your presences. The content does not need to be relevant to your role as a digital ambassador, but should be appropriate to share with a prospective employer.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in being a part of, submit your application to qut.socialmedia@qut.edu.au by March 20.

Student Public Transport Life – Part 2


This is a follow up to my part 1 blog, which you can view here. Now that we are over 6 weeks into the semester it’s given us time to experience the joys of public transport with our fellow human’s so it only seems right to put those moments into another blog.

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Campus Culture Fix #2 – Music & Dance!

If you’ve not yet taken the chance to look ahead at QUT’s calendar, let me tell you: you’re in for some serious culture this semester!

We all have our own tastes and passions when it comes to music, dance and art. QUT’s undergradute arts programs are designed to allow students the ultimate freedom in style and creativity, so there’s something for everyone when QUT performers take the stage. Here are some opportunities for you to catch some local talent soon: Read more

Student Public Transport Life – Part 1


Student public transport life – Part 1.

Part 1 because public transport is not dull enough just for one part.

As a student, life on public transport can be amusing, scary, weird, time consuming and frustrating. So I thought it’s only right to share our common feelings, because as a fifth year student who takes public transport, I’ve seen enough to know how we all feel. I’m sure many of you have experienced and witnessed these at some stage of your travels and if you haven’t – brace yourself.

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QUT Open Day = Stress-free!

I avoided TSXPO and Open Days for years, trying to calm my nerves by ignoring my impending graduation (makes sense, I know).


Me dodging responsibility circa 2011

Finally in my senior year, I cracked and headed to the QUT Open Day. I wish I’d done it sooner! My visit to QUT gave me the opportunity to chat with important people from the faculties I was interested in, and gather information at my own pace while still enjoying the day with friends. 110% Stress Free!

Here are my top three reasons QUT’s Open Day will be stress-free for you:

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