Fortune favours the brave

Stepping outside a comfort zone is something a lot of individuals struggle with throughout their lives. If it’s truly out of one’s comfort zone, it is never easy. For introverts, there is nothing we dislike more than being pushed past our limits. For me, I have always enjoyed staying in for a quiet, relaxing evening, rather than going out all night. I’ve delighted in the familiarities of home, and never cared much for travelling too far. However, after going on an overseas holiday for a few weeks, something changed. I was bitten by the travel bug, and I realised there was so much more in the world to see and new journeys to go on. But travelling costs money, and so for a while I was stuck. I had work and study commitments. Then, an opportunity arose. image Read more

Learning to be a writer

While these suggestions apply more to people doing some kind of writing course, everyone needs to be able to write to make it to the end of their degree. Here are my top five tips for those who love (and perhaps a few that dislike) writing.

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Expectations: Parents VS Students

It’s not uncommon to hold different opinions to your parents, after all you are separated by a few decades, and the way they grew up is completely different to the way you’ve grown up. So it’s no wonder the thought of university has both sides divided on what it’s all about, and what kind of course is best for the student involved.

diagram of parents vs students

The best way to know what university has in store for students, is to come along to QUT’s Parent Information Seminar, to discover where your ideas might (surprisingly!) intersect. The event will be hosted at the Gardens Point campus, from 6pm until 7.30pm this Wednesday, (May 7).

Get ready to get in early!

Across many social media sites I have seen a ton of posts about people receiving university offers into a wide range of courses. If you are one of these people, congratulations, and welcome to QUT! Whether you’re fresh out of high school, someone who’s taken a gap year, or a mature aged student – the biggest piece of advice I can give my new fellow students is to get ready to get in early. Read more

QTAC is a little like Maths

It’s a simple equation really: QTAC + students = stress, fear and worry. And be sure to double that stress, fear and worry if you add someone who’s indecisive into the equation…like I was when I was filling out QTAC. I’m indecisive enough when I’m filling out a simple survey, so when it came to choosing courses, saying I had difficulty was a big understatement. There’s the few students who know what they’ve wanted to do since they were 7, and that’s great for them. But then there’s students like me, who changed their mind every few months on what I wanted to do once I finished school.

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QCS < Everything else

For many grade 12 students the lead up to the QCS is equally painful as it is daunting. Why? Because everyone, especially teachers, make a big deal out of it. And yes, while it’s something not to be taken lightly, I think half the problem is the amount of unnecessary pressure and stress people put on the tests.

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That Post-Assessment Feeling

(noun.) the state of euphoria after completing all of one’s assessment for the semester

Exams are well and truly underway and for most students the stress is almost (if not) over. While I didn’t have any exams this semester (two small quizzes don’t count!) I did experience my fair share of stress that took on different forms, including the dreaded five assessment items in five days. But I’m a survivor, and now I’m on holidays. Cue: that post-assessment feeling.

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Hello (again!)

As a second year uni student I would like to warmly welcome/welcome back the students of 2013. It’s been forever since I’ve posted anything, and I would love to blame that on the assignments that are piling up, but let’s be honest, neither you nor I have started any of them. For my first post of 2013, I thought I’d share what second year has taught me so far:

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The various stages of preparing (to study) for an upcoming exam

1. The “Plenty of Time” Stage (also known as false security): This is when you first hear about the exam. 95% of the time students are given plenty of warning about its approach, and respond accordingly. “Wow, that’s ages away, why are they telling us about it now?” Chances are they’re telling you about the exam for a good reason. I generally find the earlier I’m told about an exam, the more time I should set aside for study.

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