Mid-Uni Crisis

We all reach that point – that point where what you’re studying starts to really seem pointless and your future is looking like… Well… you don’t know – what is my future? Where will I be? How will I be employed? What exactly will I be able to do after this year or next year? All I know how to do is write assignments and maybe speak a little better in public. Oh lord. What will I do?! Should I just drop out now and settle for my current retail wage? Read more

Open-Ended Degrees


* Me when I first started Uni*



*Halfway through the course and…..*



*I realise that I’ve gotten into a degree which gives me SO many options once I graduate that I am now lost. Cue QUT Career Counsellers*

Guidance and help is available to students. Find out more about QUT’s Career Counselling services and how they help.

Snacking your way through the Semester.

We all know it’s true. There’s no point denying it. Don’t be coy, don’t be shy. I’m right there with you. So is she, and he and your teacher and your sibling – it’s just a fact of life.  Read more

Getting the right fit.

When it comes to enrolling in a Uni course there are a lot of different voices to listen to, opinions to read and thoughts to sort out. It can get really confusing and people can be really convincing or negative about different courses and what they think suits you. Read more

Ten things you learn about yourself when you start uni:

1.       What kind of a study-er you are: school is one thing, but uni tests your motivation, procrastination and dedication. I, for example, found out I am NOT a study-er. I can’t sit down and study. If I don’t actively learn throughout the semester it means a whooole lot of OMG when it comes time for exams. So I chose a course that doesn’t have a lot of exams 😛

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Yet Another Deadline

Because we don’t already have enough; a new deadline has been set – Tertiary Transport Concession Cards will be required for all students as of the 1st of July and if you don’t have one – you will be fined. Obviously as abundantly wealthy students a fine shouldn’t be a problem; we have plenty of time to work to get the money back… *cough…cough*…

But if by any chance you wish to not pay a fine I’d have a look at the TTCC application forms and send yours in ASAP.


I’m going to make this breif:

The folding tables in lecture theatres that so neatly pack away, are not your friend.

Never. Trust. A. Lecture. Table.

The support and aid you think they offer will be ripped away leaving your belongings and heart to tumble down the slope of embarassment, for no reason.

They are fickle things.

You have been warned.


The Pantry

I have always had this silly ambition to be able to walk into a cafe and say, “I’ll have the usual thanks,” walk to my usual seat and read a book or draw something or be profoud. Just the usual. And when I started at QUT I found a cafe in which I could see myself being a regular. I ordered the same coffee every time, regular mocha. It was a busy little cafe on the campus grounds so I couldnt exactly have a regular table but I was half way there. But something disastrous happened.

I came to Garden’s Point this year… and it was gone. My faithful cafe with its familiar smell and sound was absent. Obviously I was crushed.

But, despair not! The cafe has reopened, completely refurbished and even more fancy and lovable than before. It is called The Pantry and is situated in the old sandstone building next to the kidney lawn. So, if you’re looking for a quiet, homey, and slightly european-feeling get-away have a wander in.

P.S. try the waffles – holy cow.

Do The Loop

Ok, so you’ve made it through your first few weeks, hopefully unscathed, and you’re well on your way to being a fully-fledged student. However, if you are like I was when I first started at QUT, there are a few things you probably haven’t been taught yet.  Read more

It’s Confession Time Again.

Ok here comes another confession.

It happens every year. And it is slightly embarrassing yet I think a prevalent issue amongst Uni students. The first day of school. When we were in high school it was ok – we had a set uniform, a school bag, and appearance regulations. But Uni? We actually have to make our own decisions. Day one of Uni and the decision that freaks us out the most, or at least me, is WHAT DO I WEAR?

Ok, makes me sound vain. But first impressions are undeniably powerful and I don’t even know what impression I want to make. Do I wear shorts and a casual shirt? Or is that too casual? Perhaps a dress? Or is that too fancy and what if it’s windy? Wind also rules out a skirt… singlets make me feel exposed and jeans would be too hot at this time of year. You see the predicament? And shoes? I promised myself on the first day of Uni that I would never wear thongs…. That promise died after a few weeks. They’re comfy – but what if it rains? And then every girl gets a bit tied about makeup – proper makeup? Or just casual? I’m unfortunate having white skin – any blemish looks like a little LED light winking at everyone, you can see them twinkle in the distance – you’ll always see us coming so to prevent the people from being distracted by said blinking lights, makeup is a must.

First day of school =

No seriously…

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