Job troubles, money troubles!

Up until I moved into my own apartment with my boyfriend, money wasn’t an issue. I was saving more and more money every week as I had little expenses and was living with family friends. I had and still do have a very casual job, which entails a maximum of three shifts per month at an extremely high pay rate, which suited me fine as it fitted in with uni and other plans I have in my life. Back then, I really couldn’t wait to turn 18 and finally be legal to sign a lease and move into an apartment, since we were living about an hour and a bit drive from the city in peak hour traffic and just didn’t seem to have any freedom. Looking back, I had it easy then, I only paid $50 a week in rent and my phone and car were my only other expenses. These days, I look forward to paying many more bills. And since we are first timers there seems to be never ending things that we need to buy, still after two months living here.

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Procrastination (Tales of Mere Existence)

I don’t know how many of you have seen this procrastination video, which seems to perfectly describe my levels of procrastination today, but it’s a bit of a laugh. For the whole year I haven’t procrastinated, I’ve wanted to get things done and usually had a whole assignment completed and printed a couple of days before it was due. For some strange and horrible reason, I have procrastinated in the past couple of days. My marketing assignment is due tomorrow and all I have done is my introduction! I am stressed but nothing is motivating me to write! Gosh.

Well I need some tips to stop procrastination… I just have one:

1) Delay Gratification: Do the stuff you love later, i.e., go on facebook, tv, etc. later and do the hard work now. Because, if you do the bad stuff first, you are more likely to do it faster because you want to get to the good stuff!

Any more suggestions?

Well I’m going to try and write my assignment now! I wish me and all of you who suffer from procrastination, the best in overcoming the horrible disease!


The greatest career advice ever!

So I was reading this magazine that I so frequently read called, ‘Women’s Health,’ which some of you may or may not read and I came across a rather interesting and advising article about finding a career right for you. There have been many times where I’ve felt uncertain about whether or not I should continue my studies with psychology or whether I should study something else. I am very indecisive and constantly wonder whether I am on the right path with my life. I worry about making the wrong decisions in life and ending up stuck and unhappy in the future. I, like many other people have been interested in so many different fields of work so it was hard to make a commitment to just one area. The pressure was on mid Year 12 to decide and apply for university courses. Read more

Even bigger city life – life as an eighteen year old.

Up until a few weeks ago I was living with friends of our family in a northern suburb of Brisbane quite some distance from university and the city and I was under 18. Since then I now am over eighteen and have my own rental apartment with my partner. It’s amazing how much can change within a whole month!

First let’s start with being eighteen. Oh how I thought eighteen was never ever going to come. It took ages and ages and ages! I counted down the days, planned my party months in advance and had everything that I wanted to do once I had turned eighteen mapped out: move closer to uni – in my own unit, hit the streets clubbing, buy my first legal drink, get a credit card, stay in a hotel, etc. etc. Read more


What is success? How do we succeed? What if we don’t, is that the end of the world? If you’re like me, success is expected. Not just from caring family members, but I also put the pressure on myself to succeed in everyday life. Even the society we live in creates competition to succeed. We live in such a competitive culture, if we don’t succeed to many of us just give up.  But this blog is about thinking of success in a different way, not just achieving a phenomenal accomplishment, but realising success is waking up every morning. Read more

Survival Kit for those living/travelling away from their families and close friends!

Hey everyone, me again! Are you like me and live away from family and close friends who you adore and once thought you couldn’t spend a day without? I know how much it sucks. As you may or may not know, I made the move from Bundaberg earlier this year and am finding it particularly hard to settle in without my close family and friends standing by me, giving me advice and just being there in my life. I like many people make the trip home frequently (usually every 2 or 3 weekends, if I can stand that long!). So to help cope with the stress of being away from them, I have developed an almighty survival kit, that I believe will help, at least the slightest bit, for me and you! Even if you’re just going on a holiday and you think you’ll miss your close family and friends, I hope it helps! Feel free to add suggestions and additions to the kit 😀

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