Old at Heart

Despite hopping on board with this blogging shebang, I’ve realised a brutally ironic truth: the internet vexes my mind. Between trying to post, start new websites and remember stupid passwords every time QUT changes them (notably: “igotaigotapocketfullofsunshine,”) I’ve managed to work out that the 21st Century is not for me, and more importantly, I’m actually an old man in the body of a (ridiculously good looking) teenager. Here’s why: Read more

Of Celts and Kilts

Upon learning I was going to be a QUT blogger, I was gripped by an instant compulsion to share my pearls and/or nuggets of wisdom using the power of the interwebs. I wanted to start straight away, and chronicle my every undoubtedly invaluable thought.

Well, I didn’t. For the past few weeks uni has been systematically bombarding me with assessment, primarily in the form of interviewing random strangers, attempting to sound professional over the phone whilst I sit in bed with a packet of Doritos.

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