About Monique

My name is Monique Hartman. I’m a second year Business student majoring in Marketing. I worked in the music industry for thirteen years until last year when I decided to take a 180 and work on feeding my brain cells, rather than eliminating them. I’ve also worked in retail, hospitality, Real Estate and even been a scrubber in an isolated mining town and a cook on a cargo boat. Yeah I’ve lived, peeps. I’m a jaded mature-aged student, and at the ancient age of 29, here to tell you youngins how it is. If you’re picturing The Crazy Cat Lady from The Simpson writing this, you’re right on. My interests and activities include unsexy dancing, cheese, grog, yoga, impersonating Dr. Phil, cooking, travel and attempting to keep the lavender on my balcony alive. I also care very deeply about Mental Health, Aged Care, Animal Welfare, Slow Food and Domestic Violence prevention/eradication. I am the moodiest person I know. Consider that a pro. It makes for interesting reading...

School’s (not) out for summer…?

G’day all,

I hope everyone survived Semester Two without irrevocable damage. I am pleased to say I did. Last exam was 15th November – so ready and raring for some chillaxing and summer fun? No. Not really.

Alas, summer school commenced a mere four days later. No rest for the wicked mental stupid impatient eager to finish their degree!

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There’s no such thing as balance.

Today I am sitting in my office, distracted by a pile of washing that needs to be put away. I’m getting itchy thinking about the pile of dishes at my sink. My guilt over the slow burn my neglected herbs are enduring through lack of water this morning is niggling. I really should do some ironing. My partner will be faithfully making me dinner tonight because I get home from uni at 9pm. Don’t even get me started on that pile of photos that I said I’d sort into albums at the beginning of the year (that one just gave away I was born pre-1990, didn’t it…).

As I mull over all the synonyms of lazy, useless, failing housewife I can use to whip myself with, I turn my stressed thoughts to my other commitment; uni, and realise I am not guilty about anything with that right now – possibly for the first time in my two years of university. Well, aint that somethin’?!

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Smart/dumb student: A surprise lesson in humility…and instruction comprehension

Today, much like the clouds out on the eastern horizon I am watching from my office window, my mood is low and dark.

The day and I were getting on just fine to start with; I prepared for the busy day ahead in the usual bustling way; but it became a little aggressive when I went online and checked the grade for a recent report.

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Mature-age student meet and greet – Kelvin Grove

Hi all!

Due to popular demand, a second meet & greet is being held for mature-aged students this Tuesday 14th August at the Kelvin Grove Guild Bar from 4pm – 6pm.

Garden’s Point students; Please feel very welcome to come along if you’re free!

There will also be a performance going on in the bar by KG drama students at 7:30pm for those who’d like to stick around and show their support.

Hope to see you all there!

More information available at the Party now, Study later Facebook page 🙂

Where time takes us

Hi all,

I know you’ve all missed me. I’ve missed me too.

It seems I’ve been hiding under the rock of procrastination for a minimum of at least three lunar cycles, and it’s time to emerge…slightly battle weary from the challenges weeks 7 – 14 (in uni speak) decided to throw at me, but I’ve been hibernating long enough now to, let’s face it – get over it. Suck it Up. Woman up. Shake it off. Get on with it. Move on. Jump over the hump. Have a word with myself. Pronounce to the world ‘Inshalla!’.

Hell, why not just dust off that unused joyful canary alto-voice box out of storage, and croon a little ‘Que Sera Sera’, to myself; Donning a crisp white fifties housewife number, curl my golden mane and dust the house gaily whilst I do so?

Why not? Because, like 99.87% of Semester One 2012, it is far too much effort.

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Mature aged student catch up

G’day fellow mature-ies!

I hope you’ve all rested up and ready for a rockin’ Semester 2!

This is just a quick note to let you know I will be at the Gardens Point Guild Bar on Tuesday 31st July at 4pm for a cheeky brew and I’d love you all to come along and get this mature-aged-student-movement on!

For new students, the Guild Bar is located at the end of the food court in L Block (Riverstage side). You can view a campus map here.

News on a Kelvin Grove catch up to come soon.

Hope you can all make it! 🙂


Gratitude in hard times

Hello again cyber-buddies,

Week 11 and we’re still afloat! Well done team.

I really appreciate all the people taking time not only to read my self-indulgent whiny-poos, but commenting with words of empathy, encouragement and even solidarity.

We shall rise together yet Mature-ies – We shall rise!

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Anyone wanna be my friend…?

G’day fellow current and prospective student peers.

If you read my previous blog you would know the general theme of my blog is being old. mature. stressed. broke. isolated. drunk. in the older denomination of the student population at QUT. I recently participated in a survey for Psychology in which the results found the average age of respondents was 20.

At 29, I am what is known as an outlier. That’s right – I stuff up the data set, just by being here.

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Good Ol’ Good Intentions

Hello! Welcome!

I empathise with any of you currently experiencing the nervous pangs of the unknown; wading your way through the mire of enrolment, timetables, fees, and negotiating your life around this new chapter.

One year ago, pretty much to the day, I was in a similar state and had more than the dread of being a new student weighing my shoulders down (along with those four freakin text books). You see, I belong to a small group of ‘outsiders’; those who walk the corridors, usually at night, but sometimes infiltrate day classes, inflicting seriousness and cardigans on fellow students, not to mention questions on teachers and admin staff. Yes, I belong to one of the most marginalised minorities that exists on a university campus, No, not the self-harming goth socialist poet scientists, not the Ibis eating out of the bins, but the…..Mature-Aged Student (dah dah DAHHHHHHHHHHHHH).

Yes. I’m the grumpy chick sitting down the front of lectures giving you dirty looks every time you talk in class. I’m the chick that gets dressed in the morning with the logic that ‘it’s just uni and therefore no pride of dress or self is required’. I’m the one that puts the admin chick in the Business building in a bad mood before you arrive. I TAKE INITIATIVE IN GROUP WORK! ”Argh!” They all squeal.

It has been a bumpy transition back into the world of education, after an eleven year hiatus. But now into my second year I can see the light and I am proud of what I’ve achieved so far. Let’s not discuss Data Analysis right now, though.

Hopefully my perspective can help other MAS’s, but also translate for the majority of students. Read on to see how it’s going so far…

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