Soundwave MMXII Lineup

Released on the 7th of October in a flurry of excitement and amidst persistent rumours, the lineup for Soundwave 2012 reads like a Triple J Hottest 100 list. And if I were to rate the list on a scale of one to Chuck Norris, this has ’roundhouse kick-ass’ stamped on it with the colour of thirty-seven double rainbows.

25th of February is the day and tickets go on sale at 9am on October 13.

So in case you didn’t know…

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How to make a sun jar

So it was my sister’s birthday last week and she is one of those free spirited, non-materialistic people who always wants me to make her something or spend time with her instead of buy her a gift. Which is well and good if you have ideas! If your brain is fried and you have to google ‘creative gift ideas’ then sift through thousands of pages, or if it’s suddenly THE DAY and you only realise when you check the use-by date on the milk and the shops are closing in a couple of hours, and you also need a costume for the party and you are so broke that every purchase for the last fortnight has had to go on your very battered-looking credit card, how about this… MAKE A SUN JAR!

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On Monday. (Bright Shirts and Bleary Eyes)

So Josh (bf) and I went out and had a bit of a bender on the weekend. I haven’t been out in ages – I think it’s something to do with the cold weather, having nothing to wear, my old age (25 now!!!) and the fact that I have such a difficult time convincing myself that it really is worth spending a fortnight’s pay on evening activities. After two all-nighters, close to $1,000 down the drain and some legitimate attempts at shufflin’ (as in everyday I’m shufflin’) I am proud to say that YES – I can definitely see the value of a once-in-a-while valley stumble. (Not that I condone binge drinking, of course.) In between sleeping and hitting the clubs, we also managed to get through the entire first season of Sons of Anarchy on DVD. And I like it even better than The Sopranos.

MY PROBLEM, however, arose when I got to uni Monday morning.

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The Semester of Saving

Over the holidays Josh (my partner) and I moved house. We’re living in the granny flat at his mum’s property in Munruben Forest – it has a beautiful country cottage feel and I’m setting up a herb garden and veggie patch (slowly). We’re so lucky to pay ridiculously cheap rent and still get our own privacy plus kitchen, bathroom, lounge of our own and we got a wireless repeater to pick up the internet signal from the main house.

Clearly with our living costs so low I would be mad to not start saving, right? The question is HOW? This might be very straight forward for those accustomed to being financially savvy but for me it’s quite the challenge. I know the basics – spend less money – but after that I’m kind of scratching my head. So after (unsuccessfully) trying to convince Josh to become a vegetarian, trawling the net for some advice, talking to friends and family and thinking about the things I already do to save money, have come across a few gems of advice that I would like to share. Read more

A Million Places to Volunteer in Brisbane (And why you should do it!)

Volunteering provides real world experience, looks great on a resume and connects you with your community. It can provide opportunities for you to meet like-minded people, travel, undertake free courses, or allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of issues and events faced by many Australians. It can make your heart soar (or sink), help you develop passion for certain causes, or just give you a broader overview on how stuff works. It can make you better-equipped to make decisions or help you to appreciate your own circumstances. Best of all, the time and energy you devote to other human beings can provide them with options or opportunities they never thought possible.

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My First Teaching Prac

So I got an email the other day from the Registrar about rural/remote prac opportunities for education students, and I got to thinking about my experiences at around this time last year, when I flew to Airlie Beach and taught at a local state high for a month. I had the most incredible experience and fell in love with the area. The students were really great and when I left they gave me cards, notes, chocolates and even a bunch of oriental lilies on my last day. One student, a Year 9 boy, even gave me a packet of chips from his lunchbox! The school itself had a really casual vibe and I found the staff supportive and friendly, even when I sat all lunch hour grilling them about the upcoming changes to the history curriculum and their experiences with mixed-ability groups. Best of all, the Deputy Principal said she would try to get me back for my internship, with a view to permanent employment when I graduate!

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Confessions of a Third Year

I am a third year university student without the faintest clue how to enrol successfully in Blackboard. Whilst you may believe that simple sentence immediately discounts any possible validity this blog (or future posts) may contain, I maintain that honesty really is the best policy, and I promise there is something you can learn from this!

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