Top 5 Budget Student Snackalage

We’ve all been there.

It’s a day until pay day (but it feels like a thousand years), you’re trying to save favours from the parental units for a real disaster, and your stomach is making more screechy grumbly noises than Chewbacca.

I don't care what science says- this is what my stomach looks like.

I’ve been there nearly three years now. I know my cheap good food. Read on for my top 5 mini-poor-student-meals on a budget of 35 cents to $10!

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If I had a Cheeseburger Every-freaking-time…

Ahh gentle readers, it’s that magical time of year again. O Week is just around the corner, my studyplan looks like a trainwreck and I’m remembering all the things that piss me off at university. Frightened first years and worried parents? Ignore this. University is a magical land of unicorns and butterfly poops where nothing can encroach on your academic bliss.

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