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A big hello to all the..um.. QUTians? ..QUTopia?.. QUTites?… QUTsiders?  QUTese?..  QUTers?.. QUTans?.. oh well I’ll figure that out later. This is the long overdue welcome to the new kids on the block and the old kids who had no option but to stay back. Hope you are all easing into the busy student life. I personally feel like I’ve been dropped in the middle of a warzone without any armour and I have to exploit my survival skills to get to the end. It is only week 3, but the immense workload creates a different perception on the semester timeline. I guess I kinda expected it to be this way, since its my 4th and last year of a double degree.

Anyways, this year I thought I might help out everyone with identifying QUT’s very own facilities, opportunities and programs that could help out in finding a career, getting help in assignments or even joining a club/society. So I will be doing a blog series called QUT 101, which would involve anything from QUT faculties to QUT career programs. If you have anything in particular that you want to know more about, leave me a comment I will try my best to get some information and publish around here.

So to kick off,

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QUT through stop-motion photography

Stop-motion photography is an animation technique used to physically manipulate objects appear to move on its own. In this case, a photograph is taken as the student takes a step making it look like they are gliding rather than walking. Stop motion is one of the most creative animation techniques which is comparatively easy to do, but time consuming. You just need a camera and a video editing software. There is so many fun things you could try out.

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Not all questions need answering?

So kids, normally if there is a question, it is at least assumed that there is an answer. But do all questions need answering?. Even if it’s a rhetorical question, often you are obliged to give some kind of an answer. But sometimes there’s no proper answer for some questions. For example:

Q: OH MY GOD, How good is the weather today?
A: umm.. rainy I guess?

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How I Met Everyone Else

So kids, if you are an International student like me you would probably have a tongue twister of a unique name and a fruit salad of a mixed accent. Also you would probably have a choreographed story about how you moved to Australia for further studies and managing the life away from your family. After a while, it becomes a repetitive routine that you are obliged to follow. But it is a story worth preserving as it becomes the cornerstone for the stories to come.

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Origins of QUT web-sapiens: New QUT website launch and a look back from 1997

Human evolution has been explored, questioned and personified in a variety of ways depending on the intricate evidence presented at the time being. And I’m no ancestry alien to prove any theories on human evolution right or wrong. However, as a friend to the human race which has evolved over a thousand years, I think something went very wrong.

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Walk-through QUT from a looking glass

“Holidays were nothing but the past, yet the bittersweet happiness of freedom is still present”. All in all, everyone’s gearing up for another gruelling semester of acquiring words of wisdom and intricate information; or some people call it education. Hope it wouldn’t override the intake of intellectual capacity, apparently it indicates that you are stressing. So start the semester off on a good note, as I would like to say –

Don’t stress, just think less.*

* Disclaimer – Results may vary.

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From extreme cold weather to extreme hot weather

…. Okay, that is bit of an exaggeration. Being an international student in Brisbane has meant I get to travel quite a bit when it’s the holiday times. My holiday travel has most recently included coming home to Sri Lanka.  So when I left Brisbane, the temperature got down to 5 degrees and when I arrived in Sri Lanka the temperature got up to 32 degrees. Hence, my poor justification for the exaggeration.

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You know you are a QUT Gardens Point student, when…..

  1. you know how many colour lights you have to cross from Queen Street to Gardens Point.
  2. you know how long exactly it would take to change those colour lights to green for pedestrians.
  3. you wait for the free shuttle bus to the city, because you don’t want to walk.
  4. you know how many Maccers are nearby and the shortcuts to get to them.
  5. you know how many MX newspaper stands are there from Gardens Point to Queen street and where exactly they are. Read more

Change, the double entendre

So once a great man said to me, “Change can’t be given to your every time, you must bring Change”. You will soon find out who said that to me, but before that ask yourself – do you honestly like the simple premise of change?  As for me, no I don’t.

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