The Perks Of Being A Video Shop Girl

The massive buzz word at the moment is ‘work experience’.  Not just your average newspaper delivery work either, but proper industry-related experience to get your ‘foot in the door’ as they say.  Now, my casual job at a video store isn’t exactly ‘architecture-related’ but I’m certain it falls into the other equally important category: life experience.  Let’s face it, if there was ever a place which allows you to mix with the cross section of society, it is at a video store.

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A Lesson in Procrastination

Three years into a design degree and I can count the number of exams I have done on one hand.  In fact, the last exam I remember studying for was in my very first semester.  Alas, I couldn’t continue this way forever and my Architectural Technology exam is on Thursday (one of two for this subject).  As I began to review my lecture notes, it suddenly occurred to me that I had forgotten how to study for an exam.  So I did what any other normal person would do.  I asked my 14-year-old brother.

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The Abstract Feeling of Being Lost

When you catch public transport as much as I do, particularly to the south side of Brisbane, there is one thing you learn very quickly.  This is that the 140 bus route does not stop at Garden City!  Seeing people suddenly freak out when they see the bus turning left onto Mains Road after the Griffith University Busway Station, is something I find extremely amusing.  You can see them yelling at themselves thinking, ‘where on earth is this bus taking me?’  I know this is a little mean, but mostly I am just relieved that for once, the person on the wrong bus isn’t me

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Just Do Your Best

I will always remember the day I got my OP.  I was in the middle of my Christmas holiday in Ireland, my first solo trip overseas and I was living with my Uncle and his family.  I remember because of the time difference, I wouldn’t be allowed to log onto the QTAC website until 10pm and therefore had to keep my mind off it all day.  I remember sneaking into the downstairs computer room a few hours early ‘just in case’.  I remember typing in my QTAC code and waiting anxiously while the website loaded.

And finally, there it was.

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Your Only Fear Is Possibility

And today was a day just like any other…. except I went speed dating.

For those unfamiliar with the term, this is sometimes referred to as the single person’s desperate attempt to meet new people.  I suppose in theory, this should work quite well, right?  Fill out a questionnaire, introduce yourself, swap stories and if you’re both looking for the same thing you can run off into the sunset together.  This week though, it was used as our lecturers’ attempt of an icebreaker amongst peers in our week 2 class.  Awkward isn’t the right word, but it’s the first that comes to mind. Read more

The Truth About Redheads

This week I took a big step forward in my online social-networking capabilities, and created a Twitter account.  My motive was not because I particularly wanted to announce my every movement to the world, but more so I could stalk certain celebrities and other notable people such as Hamish and Andy or John Mayer (very lame, I know).  To my pure amazement however, when you search “Julia Gillard”, there is more of discussion on her red hair, than being the first female Australian Prime Minister.  At first, I was shocked – because seriously, what is the big deal?

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Crash Course in Polite Conversation

When you really truly think about it, everyone has a story just as exciting or upsetting, important or as heartbreaking as yours.  Everyone has had a life changing moment in their lives, from the person who serves you at McDonalds or randomly sits next to you on the train.  So imagine when you leave school, and perhaps attend university, the truth is that you will become a part of a community with access to the widest cross section of people you will probably ever experience in your lives.

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I think I’ll go out tonight… LOL jk, I’m studying Architecture

Another Saturday night stuck inside watching old ‘The OC’ episodes and snacking on chocolate freckles and M&M’s.  My alarm interrupts my thoughts, but this time the repetitive beep isn’t to wake me up.  It’s 3am and this is an indication it’s time for me to go to sleep.  I reluctantly put down my copic marker, shut down my laptop and follow the maze of yellow trace scattered on my floor to find my bed.  I wonder if next weekend I’ll actually see my friends, but who am I kidding, my parents have a better social life than I do

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Claire’s Little Secrets to Surviving University

Before we go any further, let me explain that your very first day of semester is going to be both exciting and horrifying.  I remember stepping into a room of over 500 students, totally overwhelmed by the fact I didn’t know one single person.  To add to my disorientation my lecturer said something along the lines of: “The class may seem crowded at the moment, but at least 50 students will leave after a month, and only half of you will graduate after four years.”

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