Did you just say -20 degrees?

Hi everyone,
So it’s a lovely -5 degrees here in Edinburgh and I’m here relaxing in the warmth of an Internet cafe in the heart of the city. The last few days have been a bit of a trek and a half trying to get around as you may have seen on the news that the UK is having one of their earliest snow seasons in almost 20 years. Which means of course for travellers relying heavily on planes that they’re in for a bit of a struggle.

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Who doesn’t like a little adventure?

Hope you’re all enjoying your visit at the QUT Sharehouse. I don’t want this blog to be just me ranting on and on about stuff that you don’t wanna hear about so here’s your chance to be heard. I want to tell you about my experiences but I also want to use this blog as an opportunity for adventure. Whether it’s finding the best coffee shop for a quick break or a great hidden store that I’ve completely missed, I want to hear from all of you.

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University ends, Life doesn’t. How to make the most of it.

Hi Everyone,

University so far for me has been a really great experience. I’ve made some great lifelong friends and am enjoying what I’m doing and where I’m heading. My thing is that I really don’t want to graduate with just a degree (or two in my case), I want to have travelled and experienced life and the world as well. You only get to live once so you may as well enjoy it.

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