Dear Grade 12 Me

Dear Grade 12 Me,

Hey girl, how’s it going? How’s that side pony tail? Still poppin’? Ah, who am I kidding? You still do your hair like that.

I’m writing to you from THE FUTURE. Specifically, 2016, as you’re just about to graduate from uni. That’s right! You did it! In a week’s time you’ll be all robed up and receiving two bachelor degrees!

I know you’re waiting for your OP right now, and stressing out about it every day. If I have one piece of advice for you, it’s to CHILL. Oh, and check that you know your login details to get your OP. You may or may not forget your password due to stress on the day and then freak out because you can’t get in for hours because the “I forgot my password” emails aren’t sending, but they are, they’re just in your junk mail box. So check your junk mail. Or just write your password down and put it somewhere safe now. Other than that little (completely avoidable) meltdown, you will be fine. You know how hard you worked, so just trust that it will pay off. Because it does.

But it won’t always work out. And you know what? That’s okay. You’re going to find yourself being faced with difficult decisions in uni, receiving some disappointing grades, receiving some awesome grades, sending out millions of applications, not hearing back from most of them, getting rejected by a bunch. And yeah, you’ll be sad about it. But you will also have some great successes. You will get internships, you will get uni jobs, you’ll gain mentorships, work experience, and you’ll find colleagues and teaching staff that whole heartedly believe in you and what you want to achieve. Oh yeah, and you’ll discover your passion blah blah blah (but seriously, you will finally figure out what it is you want to do, even if it is in the last semester of your degree. I won’t tell you what it is because I want you to experience the journey).

Finally, if you’ll allow me to quote Mufasa (and yes, you’re still into that Lion King Broadway soundtrack):

Never forget who you are.

Don’t neglect your culture, don’t try to be someone you’re not, and don’t listen to people who make you think that who you are is in any way wrong or less desirable. You, your culture, and your family will help you develop and discover the skills you need to achieve your dream, and will be the seed of your ambition.

Congratulations on graduating high school, me. You’re going to be just fine.

Love from,
You (me?)


P.s. Try to avoid parking at uni, it’s not fun.


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BREAKING NEWS: Boring economist points at boring graph

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This is me:

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