Thinking of Home

Reasons I Miss Home:

1.  I can say ‘thongs’ in public without people thinking I’m talking about my underwear.

2. I am legal adult with a car, job and house. Here I’m just a ratty dorm kid whose only responsibility is to wake up 10 minutes before midday  3 days a week in order to attend class. Which is actually a pretty fantastic way to live, now I think about it.

3.  Food is available that has not been coated in either oil or sugar. Or both.

4. I have my own room in which I can walk around wearing as many or as few clothes as I wish and listen to music at 3 am without disturbing my dorm roommate.

5. My family and friends, obviously. Skype, while awesome and free, just doesn’t cut it. And six months is a long time.

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Canada for the weekend, and other amazing reasons to go on exchange…

This afternoon I spoke to my best friend on Skype. She’s always been there to make me feel good about myself, but this conversation just made me feel excellent about my life in general:

“So, what did you get up to on the weekend?”

“Went out Saturday in Newcastle, then I had work all day Sunday. You?”

“I went to Canada for the weekend. It was awesome.”

“Shut up.”

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Lessons from my friends.

The thing about starting something new is that there’s always a chance you might suck at it. And because I’m the type of person who tends to trip right over one disaster and into the next, sometimes I think it’s comforting to know that other people are struggling to get through as well. If it weren’t for the people around me in my first year of uni, and for the friends I’ve made in my first semester as an exchange student, I’m pretty sure I’d have given up a long time ago, and gone back to my hometown to teach English and die alone, in the style of Bridget Jones minus the Mark Darcy ending. So here are a few gems from seven of my fellow students who’ve taught me the best lessons, and saved me from having to learn things the hard way every time.

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Rainy Day(s)

I woke up this morning to rain. I suppose it’s not all that shocking to Australians—over there it’s not uncommon to be sunbaking on the beach and find yourself drenched with rain five minutes later. But in Southern California, a rainy day is a freak event. Read more

3am at Nicky Rotten’s

There are bikers outside my window. And here in America, it seems that all bikers are of the bandana-wearing, heavily bearded variety. Thank god I’m on the second floor of the hostel.

It’s 3am here in San Diego, and about 7pm in Australia. The seventeen or so hour time difference has made sleep almost impossible. To pass the time, I’m looking down on the patrons of Sloppy Joe’s Pizza and Pasta Joint, Nicky Rotten’s Bar and Grill and The Whiskey Girl nightclub.

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Excuses, Excuses

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there!

My dad always says ‘Don’t find excuses, find solutions.’ And in the spirit of ignoring my father’s advice, which has motivated for the majority of my life, here are a bunch of excuses (excellent excuses) for why I haven’t blogged in the last two months:

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“It was the pipes, Sir.”

My shower is slowly turning into a bath. As in, the bottom of the shower is literally filling up with water every time any of us try to use it. It does drain away, eventually, so that it’s really very easy to ignore for an extended period of time. And that, to be honest, is probably the worst part. If, like me, you’re the kind of person who relies on steaming hot water to transform you into a rational human being every morning, and in your hazy state you forget all about it, you’ll end up flooding the bathroom. Read more

Older, smarter and infinitely cooler than I would ever be

Hey there.

I don’t quite know what got me through my first year of university, so perhaps I’m not the best person to be giving out advice on how to do it. But seeing as I’m currently in my second year and loving it maybe there’s a few thing I’ve picked up that’ll give you a hand. So here’s my top ten tips for surviving your first year. You were warned.

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