Become a Digital Ambassador for QUT

Want to create great digital content and skill up for a future-focused career? Apply to become a QUT Digital Ambassador!

We’re looking for a few QUT students with outstanding writing, video-making, graphic design, presenting and/or photography skills. Your job will be to create student-focused content for QUT’s social media accounts – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat and YouTube.

The Digital Ambassador role is a paid position, with pay based on the style and format of content you create. We expect that you will be contribute content regularly (with a minimum of 6 hours of work per month).

Real world experience while you study

  • Create content for digital mediums, including visual, written, and video formats.
  • Develop your digital literacy skills by creating content that meets both social media best practice standards and QUT’s strategic goals.
  • Tell real stories about university life.

How to apply

Submit a written application, outlining why you would like to become a Digital Ambassador, and tell us why you’d be suitable for the role. Please let us know what course you’re studying and what year of study you’re in.

You’ll also need to submit an example of creative work that describes how you transitioned into uni life (whether you went in straight after high school, took a gap year, worked before studying at QUT etc.). Your creative work can be one of the following:

  • a series of four Instagram posts (images and/or videos) with captions
  • a short video, no longer than 30 seconds

If you already have or contribute to public social media accounts, please provide links to your posts. The content does not need to be relevant to your role as a Digital Ambassador, but should be appropriate to share with a prospective employer.

If you’re keen to join our team submit your application to by 5pm Friday, 11 May.

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