7 of the best programs to use at uni

Your time at uni will be more productive if you use programs that increase your efficiency. After three years at uni, I discovered a few fantastic programs and use them almost every day.

Sticky notes with program logos on the computer screen

I pinned my favourite programs to my laptop’s starting screen to access them on the go

Here are some amazing programs I found useful for uni:

  1. Google Drive is the best for group assignments and storing files you want to share with multiple people.
  2. One Drive stores your files on the cloud, it is handy if you work on multiple computers. Plus, you will never lose your files even if your computer breaks.
  3. Trello undoubtedly is the best task management program, check it out.
  4. One Note could be useful if you take notes all the time.
  5. Use one email management program and link all your email accounts to it, this will save you from clutter.
  6. Canva is awesome for designing everything from cards to flyers. You might need it for a student club or your unit depending on what you study.
  7. Use Grammarly if your grammar is not the best, it will help save you from typos.

Do you have any other useful programs you use? Please share them in the comments below.

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