Which laptop should you choose for uni?

Even though a laptop can be a luxury for some of us, I cannot imagine my uni experience without one.

Continue reading if you are about to start uni and wondering which laptop to purchase.

A drawing of a laptop in the notebook

A laptop students used to use back in a day (pen and paper!)

Here are some suggestions I think could be helpful in choosing your laptop (aka uni best friend).

  1. Save your money and choose a simple laptop that can run simple programs for uni work, a gaming beast can wait (unless you are studying a course that requires one!)
  2. A long battery life is one of the main factors that should influence your decision. Imagine how productive you can be while travelling to and from uni and doing some work at the same time!
  3. A laptop’s weight and size are important too, so save your back and don’t buy anything too big.
  4. Mackintosh or Windows? Think of your degree: if your chosen course requires specific editing programs, your choice would probably be Mackintosh. Windows, however, is more universal and most programs are easier to get for Windows.
  5. Don’t overpay for storage either, I would recommend storing all uni documents online as it adds more security to your files.

If you have any more tips for choosing a laptop, please share them in the comments!

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