Why I decided not to go to my graduation ceremony

Graduation time! It is so exciting to realise you achieved something pretty huge in your life! Usually, this occasion is celebrated at one of the graduation ceremonies, but today I will tell you why I chose to do something else instead.

Ana with a Photoshoped graduation hat

Why wear a real graduation hat if you can Photoshop one? 😉

Some people feel like ceremonies provide closure and I can understand that. However, I have never liked official events as they make me feel uncomfortable. Thus, when I have a chance to choose, I spend money on something more meaningful for me personally.

Four years ago I chose not to go to my prom. I spent my prom dress money on becoming a qualified bartender instead. This decision helped me to find a good job and save money to move to uni in Brisbane a year later.

This time I will donate money to Planting Peace instead of spending money on a graduation ceremony (gown hire, tickets etc.). I know this will make me happier than walking up the stage fully dressed in an expensive gown. Big moments like graduation are very important and I love seeing the photos of friends from their ceremonies, but I am choosing to celebrate my graduation differently.

Do you have a different way of celebrating big milestones in your life? Let me know in the comments below!

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