One chapter is ending and the new one begins

My degree is finished! After three years of studying, stressing over the assessments, and doing 100 things at the same time, I finally finished. I must admit, it did not feel very exciting to me at first…

Sad Ana

Sad days after realising that my bachelor’s degree is finished

I think it is OK to feel sad from time to time. I was overwhelmed that a big chapter of my life was over when I completed Grade 12 too. But I have experienced so many amazing things after school, so why am I worried now?

The end of uni is always full of insecurities and unanswered questions, we all just need to remember that this time of uncertainty will past. I don’t know what is waiting for me in the future, but I am slowly getting myself more and more excited about it. Being positive is the least I can do in such moments, and I am going to try my best!

There are two things I tell myself every morning:
1). The future is in my own hands
2). What am I going to do about it today?
(And of course, I brighten up each day with a smile!)

So what are you doing about the future today?

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