Why I never took a gap year

It’s tempting to take a gap year after finishing your Year 12 studies forever. But then again, the three months from November to the end of February is a lot of time to relax, recharge and watch copious amounts of Netflix in between working the Christmas retail period. For me, I was certain that jumping straight into uni the following year was a must. The ambition and desire to succeed in life drove me to take on this challenge that graduates refer to wholeheartedly as just “uni”. Working Christmas in the newsagency and walking around the calendar stalls a million times in a busy shopping centre gave me lots of time to reflect on my life.

It only motivated me more to achieve something better for myself in the long-term and give me the ability to choose my own career path. I do not regret my decision because I have met so many wonderful people and had exciting experiences that QUT has afforded me.

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last four years of uni, it’s that you need to manage your time carefully to make the most of the experience. Join a few student societies at O-Week and make sure you go to meet new people. You might also find yourself with opportunities you never thought were possible thanks to uni!

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