Graduation is around the corner…

Congratulations high school students, you are almost officially finished!

12 years of schooling is a massive achievement. Be proud of how far you’ve come, and be excited about how far you’ll go!

For many of you, your time at high school, especially in your final year, has been filled with crazy memories, lots of late nights finishing assignments, possibly some tears, but hopefully lots of funny times with friends. Make sure you celebrate, reward yourself, and take a well-deserved break (but be responsible and safe)! Also, be sure to go crazy getting signatures and happy snaps of all your high school buddies before you finish!

A snap of my friend and I running wild and free on my last week of high school!

Graduating is a wonderful feeling. It brings a great sense of achievement and delight. As I write to you, I am also about to graduate from university. After I left high school, I went camping at the beach for days, and then applied for a course in Creative Industries at QUT to do Interior Design and Architecture. It’s been fun, interesting, and hard work – but the reward is well worth it, and I too am thrilled to be graduating soon and throw that black hat up in the air!

Here I am laughing hard that I’ve finished my four year Bachelor at QUT!

Amidst the excitement and possible nerves, be sure to focus some attention to your future and plan for what you may want to study/do in the next few years. No choice is right or wrong – just don’t ever stop yourself from learning and growing. You hold the potential to change the world and knowledge is the power that will help you fulfill it!

Happy Graduating!

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