You can’t get a job if you study a creative course…or can you?

Today I am writing about what I would I tell people who say “You can’t get a job if you study a creative course!”

I was told this by an older friend who was an accountant. I was in my first year of Bachelor of Interior Design at QUT. He laughed at me when I told him I study a creative course and he said, “you won’t get a job doing that!”

I was offended and a little scared.

Looking back now, he was half right…

You can’t get a job JUST by studying a creative course. In fact, you can’t get a job JUST by studying, period. You have to volunteer, get yourself out there, apply for jobs and connect with people in the industry.

A creative course is different to other courses and the way to get a job is slightly different too! You have to show your creativity and put together a killer portfolio that shows your uniqueness as a designer, creative flair, and problem solving skills.

However, be sure to have your wits about you. Design can be a tough industry to break into. Be proactive and know what type of place you would like to work. Follow and learn from designers you admire who have succeeded in their jobs. Also, consider a double degree at QUT – that way you have something a little extra ahead of your peers when it comes time to job hunt, plus those extra skills could help you open your own creative business. Opportunities are endless!

As a final encouragement, I have a friend who started a business out of her fashion degree making earrings and all sorts of delightful items. As for me, I scored a job because I volunteered myself at design firms, which gained me valuable experience. I also created a portfolio of all my uni projects to email to prospective employees. This is proof that all these tips do work and a creative course is not an endless road!

A cheeky mug shot from my first day at work~ looking very happy!

So go for it. Do what you love – and design your own future!

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