STEM is not for me but it might be for you!

In September, I had the chance to go behind the scenes for QUT and check out the cool and exciting projects at the Vice Chancellor’s STEM Camp. The camp invites high-achieving Year 11 students from all over Queensland to participate in practical activities run by QUT staff and student ambassadors.

QUT GP represent

I do not study anything STEM-related – I was just taking over @qutrealworld‘s Instagram account for the day. In fact, my study areas are completely the opposite – Business and Creative Industries!

But here’s what I learned at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Camp:

  1. There are heaps of really modern science facilities across Gardens Point campus. There are labs for almost everything including physics, biotechnology, mechatronics, tropical crops, cell therapy, pharmaceuticals and so much more
  2. The kids seem really enthusiastic and passionate about wanting to learn about their chosen areas
  3. Science and Engineering Faculty has so many facilities in buildings M-S at Gardens Point campus
  4. QUT has a robot called Pepper who can talk (pretty cool!)
  5. Bhutan is a country in South Asia located above Bangladesh (and you can read up about why that’s relevant to QUT here)

Watching a really technical machine break a bone in half to see the breaking point of athletes bones

I did Chemistry and Maths B (later dropped to Maths A) in high school and found it interesting and challenging. But I was never passionate about making a career in these fields. After seeing how much these kids were enjoying STEM Camp I definitely have an appreciation of why other people do!

I should probably be wearing a lab coat in the chemistry labs

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