Why I regret not going on exchange

I am in my final semester of the Bachelor of Business degree, and throughout my studies, I’ve ticked many things off my uni ‘bucket list’.

  • Did I have a great time at uni? Yes.
  • Did I find my passion and make a lot of friends? Yes.
  • Do I regret not going on exchange? YES, I do!

Today I want to share with you why I regret not going on exchange and why you should start planning to go the day you start your first semester at uni.

Ana is surrounded by her new friends from around the world whom she met at the conference in South Korea

I attended a conference in South Korea and there I realized I had made a huge mistake by not going on the exchange when I had a chance.

The first reason is people. People from around the world will teach you more than any book or class. The number of stories and inspirational moments you will have overseas will fill your life with new perspectives and ideas!

Secondly, a new country and its culture will make you look at the world through a different lens, (which is magical!), and will make you more open to new experiences. You will grow as a person and when you come home, you will be inspired to grow even further. One of the most important reasons to go on exchange is because being by yourself in a different country helps you to explore who you are more than ever.

If I could go back and give my grade 12 self some advice, I would encourage myself to research all exchange options, work hard, and look at all possible scholarship opportunities.

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