If I knew then, what I know now – 3 lessons from 4 years of Uni

For some readers of the QUT Student Blog, I’m probably an old and familiar face. So old, my first blog post in 2014 was carved onto a stone tablet and placed on the pantheon for all to read. But like fine wine I have aged well and have accumulated a wealth of experience and wisdom to pass on to my fellow Hermione Granger haired youths on their first foray into the wild adventure of tertiary education. In honour of my many years of study, here are three things I wish I could tell first year Laura at the start of uni.

2014 student blogger Laura next to 2017 student blogger Laura

Fresh faced student blogger Laura in 2014 vs. worldly, tough short hair and leather jacket 2017 Laura.

1). Not everything south of inner north Brisbane is Ipswich, Logan or NSW. I was raised in inner north Brisbane, a 10 minute train ride from the city. The most far south I ever traveled was West End, beyond that was the land the light does not touch, never go there Simba. Over the past few years I have found myself making friends with folks from far and wide and have been able to explore so much more of my home town. I just wish I had done a quick geography lesson before I said things like, ‘Oh Capalaba, that’s near the Gold Coast, right?’

2) Preparation is key. You may be able to get by in high school on natural smarts and hard-core last minute exam cramming, but you will struggle with this strategy come your first year law torts exam. Save yourself the stress and caffeine breakdown and keep up to date with your homework and readings.

3) The path towards your degree will not be straight forward. Laura, you will give up on the idea of following the recommended study plan about three semesters into your degree. You will go part-time, three quarter time, take a break and consider swapping courses, before finally going back to your original degree full time. It’s not all about the destination, let yourself enjoy your journey and take things at your own pace.

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