The QCS Test

If you’re in Grade 12 then no doubt you have the QCS Test coming up!

Some of you may be dreading it but let me tell you it’s not that bad and it’s over before you know it.

My experience of the QCS Test was unusual. I was very sick on the first day but made myself go because the teachers had told us we couldn’t get an OP without taking the test. I believed them and pushed my way through. Get the facts on the QCS website.

On my second day it was extremely hard to focus as my stomach was churning. I had to ask for assistance to be taken to the bathroom as I was quite sick. Lucky for me, the teachers heard me and noticed I looked unwell too and were able to formally approve me leaving the test to go home.

However, I had to get a doctors certificate otherwise the higher authorities might not approve my incomplete test. This was scary. I really wanted an OP to go to uni. Luckily a doctor made room for me in the late afternoon and I was able to get a certificate to send back to my school.

While my experience isn’t the norm, I want to encourage you to make sure you don’t stress in the lead up to the QCS test and to take care of your body. Getting enough sleep, water and a solid breakfast will help your mind to stay focused.

Yes the QCS Test is a little scary, and some questions can be tricky. Just remember that it’s about using the skills and knowledge that you’ve already learnt throughout your schooling years and simply applying it to the different questions. Most importantly, plan your time so you can answer as many as possible, and if one question is taking too long, skip it and come back to it later!

Good luck Grade 12s!

  • Plan your time
  • Try every question
  • Think positively and clearly

 P. S. try not to get sick like me

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