QUT Open Day

Each year, QUT Open Day is so much fun. I still remember my first Open Day – I was a young Grade 12 student seeking out what to do with my life, wondering what I would like to do after high school.

Lucky for me and a group of other students, my visit to QUT’s Open Day was also combined with luncheon – a special invitation from the university. I was congratulated and encouraged with an award for being a great student at high school and that QUT had recognised the potential in me. It was a great Open Day and first experience at QUT.

Receiving an award from QUT for my acknowledged potential at QUT Open Day with my parents!

After the luncheon – it was great to have a walk about and get a feel for the Gardens Point campus. There was so much to see and so many friendly faces waiting to talk to me. There was also a lot of information about courses that were available through booklets and student ambassadors. I’m so glad that I was invited along to have lunch at QUT that day because looking back, it really made all the difference. It helped bring clarity to decisions about my future as to deciding where and what to study.

I encourage everyone to open their mind, their time and their schedule for this year’s QUT Open Day. It’s coming up on Sunday 30 July. No matter how you get there or for what reason, go and be a part of the QUT Open Day. There is so many people available to help discuss the courses. There is seminars, food, brochures, freebies and a friendly vibe. You’ll be sure to have such a great experience as I did.  So get out there –you’ll open a door to a world of possibilities!

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