Holidays on a budget? Make the most of the city!

One of the best things about QUT is how close it is to the CBD. Just a 5 minute walk finds you in some of the city’s best cafes and restaurants. But as uni student, finding the money to splurge can be hard!

One of the most valuable places for a student to explore is the Asian supermarket! On a student budget, with very little skills needed, there are some gems to be found if you know what you are looking for!

Here are the 3 items you need to get through the semester break on a budget!

Scary I know. What is all this stuff? Here is a little guide to finding the goods in an Asian supermarket!


There are aisles and aisles of instant noodles, so get adventurous, at 50c a pack, you rarely loose. But my recommendation? Anything by the brand ‘Nissin’.

Noodles, Japanese, Nissin, Garlic, budget, food


The Asian supermarket is a hot spot for all those sauces that make take-away Thai, Chinese or Korean taste so good. Throw this Teriyaki on anything – tofu, chicken, vegetables – and you will thank me later.

Teriyaki, Japanese, food, sauce, budget, yum


There’s this amazing Japanese curry uni students like myself live off during semester from the QUT food court. And I’ve found it in the supermarket! So when you’re studying at uni and the holidays come around, you won’t need to go a month without this fantastic food court feed!

Curry, Japanese, Golden Curry, Sauce, budget, food, cooking

QUT is a stroll away from the cultural hub of Brisbane, so get out and explore a bit of the city next time you’re there! Sometimes the scariest places can hide the biggest gems, particularly when trying to survive the holidays on a budget!

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