Entering the Real World

Are you concerned about getting a job at the end of university?

I’m here to tell you about my experience entering the real world. I’ll share some great advice which helped me go from high school student, to university student, to working in the ‘real world’ – and I’m not even finished my degree yet!

Before you begin your degree, I recommend searching out the prospective jobs in your area of study and the specific places that you would like to work. If you know where you are headed with your degree and the place you want to work at after you’ve finished, than it is easy to plan for in the journey ahead.

Tip: Be focused toward the end goal by searching out where you want to work.

I planned to work in a small interior design firm when I finished my Bachelor of Interior Design because I thought that would suit me. But throughout my degree, I kept my ears and eyes open, and decided I wanted to work at HASSELL because they did a lot of ‘workplace design’, which is what I enjoyed in my projects at uni. Also, when you come to QUT, there is many of great teaching staff who can point you in the right direction and have experience and knowledge of jobs out there.

Tip: Be proactive and volunteer yourself as early as you can in your degree or even before to gain practical experience.

In my second year, I visited HASSELL but they weren’t hiring any students. However, I sought out opportunities at different firms. I sent out emails volunteering myself to work in the offices so I could learn about the work they do and gain some practical experience. This landed me experience at two firms – large and small. While this didn’t lead to any paid positions, it was a foot in the door at both firms as they offered to me to come back once I finished my degree.

Tip: Be persistent and always strive towards your bigger goals.

At the end of my third year at QUT I saw an opportunity to apply at the world renowned, international firm HASSELL! I was beyond excited and started compiling my uni projects into a winning portfolio. Also, I was able to add the experience I had to my resume and I believe that it had set me apart from the rest when applying for HASSELL. Volunteering showed my keen interest to work and to be a designer. After a lengthy process and two interviews I got the phone call – “We would like to offer you a position as an Interior Designer at HASSELL.” Those words were music to my ears.

Smiling outside my new job at – HASSELL.

In the famous words of Walt Disney, who tried and failed many times before becoming his own Disney fairy-tale, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” So begin planning now for your future dream job. If you know the place where you want to work then you can always volunteer yourself and who knows where that will land you. Remember the age old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

So get out there – and discover a world of possibilities!

And remember these tips:     Be focused. Be proactive. Be persistent. 


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    A great read. As a first year student, this is definitely valuable information and it is very insightful.

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      Hi Francis,
      Great to hear! Hope your first year is going well and you’re settled into your degree.

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