From then to now

I remember the first time that I ever set foot into uni as a nervous peppy student.

The first class I had was a marketing subject at the Caboolture campus, three years ago now. How time flies! I was fortunate that two of my friends from high school were doing the same subject. So I made sure that I was in the same lectures as them.

However, I was unaware of the timetabling system as I was a new student.

As such, the tutorials my friends were in filled up and I was left disappointed.

As such, I was also left with an 8am lecture with a 9 hour gap on Fridays. Not ideal!

I learned my lesson and vowed to never make the same mistake again.

Here are five tips to make sure you do not repeat my silly errors:

  1. Find out what date and time your class registrations open
  2. Try make sure you sign up for classes as soon as possible
  3. Keep hitting the refresh button until it loads
  4. Check the website an hour early (just in case)
  5. Fill out a form if a class you are allocated clashes with other classes, or obtain a letter from your employer, which details why you need a new class time.

Get in early, that way you’ll be cool, calm and collected for class registrations & timetabling!

You will walk away happy to know you have the best possible timetable for this semester!

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