Take your passion and make it happen: Law Week and Volunteer Week 2017

There is no way to get around it, the law degree is hard. The law degree is long. The law degree is competitive and the job market is slim. I can admit, there have been times during my law degree where I couldn’t see an end in sight. Then everything changed when I started volunteering at Women’s Legal Service.

Laura wearing a headset at Women's Legal Service Volunteering

Am I wearing a head set because I’m Kylie Minouge ? Or is it because I’m volunteering at WLS ?

I’ve done my fair share of volunteering and work experience at various law firms but I never found a place where the values and work style matched up with my own. I have always followed the work of Women’s Legal Service (“WLS”) and admired their passion and commitment to social justice for women. When I saw the opportunity to volunteer as an administration assistant one day a week I literally jumped at the chance.

Rosie the Riveter image

WLS Rosie the Riveter says “you too can volunteer here “

Friday admin volunteering is now the highlight of my week (in part because of the ‘dog friendly Fridays’ initiative). By getting my foot through the door by volunteering, I am now a step closer to my career goal of working for a community legal centre, and I’ve recently become an official staff member as a casual helpline worker!

Not only does this job provide ongoing legal education and strengthens my client communication skills, I feel like I am making a small (but real) difference on a daily basis #unijobgoals. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend training events and have networked with some of the industry’s best and brightest at the fabulous Dancing CEO’s fundraising gala (ridiculous picture of me in photo booth props below).

Image of Laura dressed up in fancy dress at a fundraising gala

Serious Work Event

In the spirit of volunteer week last week and law week this week, I challenge you to find your passion and start volunteering! You might be amazed at where the opportunity takes you.

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