Close at Heart

It feels like the last year has just flown by. A year ago, I finally packed up my stuff and moved out of home to be closer to uni. Overall, this experience has been great and I would encourage people to consider their options if traveling for study is an issue.

My Mum was very supportive and gave me a care-package of stuff that I am still using today. She also gave me a cute little placard that said, “Close at Heart” even though I was just moving an hour down the highway for university.

I may not see my family every day but this makes the time that we do spend together more valuable. As Mother’s Day approaches, I’ve reflected on the importance of having love and support. There have been some stressful times that have been diffused thanks to some maternal comfort. So when I moved out, there have been moments where I have had to ‘check myself before I wrecked myself’.

Since moving out of home, I have had the pleasure of buying my own furniture (courtesy of IKEA) and food (microwave meals), and cleaning up after myself (well, not really). The sad reality is that I can no longer look in the fridge and find home-cooked meals.

Which is why this Mother’s Day, I will be treating my Mum to a Gold-Class movie and a meal at North Lakes. The new IKEA has great meatballs (and is much more appealing than a microwave meal)!

What do you love most about your mum or family, and how are you celebrating Mother’s Day?

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