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It was three years ago this month, that I took my first steps into QUT Kelvin Grove to begin my journey towards becoming a primary school teacher.  I wasn’t nervous as such, but was very aware that this was a new experience, and was also INCREDIBLY aware of the age difference between the average uni student and myself.  It’s a strange feeling to walk into a world predominantly dominated by millennials, knowing that most of your classmates were going to have been born around the time you graduated high school.

I arrived at my first lecture in one of the largest lecture halls on campus, passed the over-populated back rows of the room and headed to the front – not to be different, but simply because the rumours about eye sight in the older generation tend to be true, in my case anyway. I took my seat, pulled out the necessary stationery, and channelled my inner knowledge sponge.

To my surprise, a very handsome man, whom I guessed to be around my age, also passed the back-row masses, and came and sat one seat away from me – in a hall not only full of empty seats, but empty rows. He didn’t say anything. I sucked in my double chin, sat up a bit straighter…I’d only been here 5 minutes and I’m already in love. Uni rocks.

During the lecture, we were asked to discuss certain things with our neighbour. I learnt that his name was James, he was originally from Perth, he was doing his B.Ed Primary as well. He was kind and supportive, and we talked for a very long time. We had a lot in common – apart from him being in a long-term relationship with a woman.

I left that lecture with a fantastic sense of comfort and belonging. Where I had avoided the masses, James had mustered up the courage to sit beside a lone stranger, and open up to me with a kind heart. From then on, with him beside me, I had the confidence to meet more and more friends across the campus. I realised that it’s easier to dance like a maniac when you’re on the dance floor with a friend, instead of alone.  Thanks James, for dancing like a maniac with me for the last 3 years. I love you buddy.

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    Cute post Sean. I’m looking to muster up the courage to go back to uni as an adult, this helps.

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