Orientation Week through the student/staff lens

A week ago I went to a KickSTART opening session and saw at least 200 new students in one lecture room. Some of them were more nervous than others, but all of them were proud to be starting their journey at university.

Monday was the first day of Orientation (O Week), and there were so many new students going around. I had the privilege of meeting many of them at the Welcome Tent at Gardens Point campus, and could not be more excited to share what happened!

I spent all day welcoming new students to QUT, thousands of them! And I LOVED IT!

The day started on a positive note – I put on my lucky socks (very important) and headed to QUT for the first day of Orientation Week.

Socks are important, so get some for yourself, (Bee)yonce reference is optional.

Now to the actual Orientation. I was so excited to meet so many of you – newbies at uni with amazing attitudes and excited eyes finally at uni and being awesome!

I remember being nervous on my first day of Orientation and I almost didn’t want to come to uni on that day. In the end, I absolutely loved attending all info sessions and my faculty orientation. Orientation was a step out of my comfort zone, so if you are a uni student or planning to go to uni – go to your orientation and absorb the smiles everyone gives you at the welcome tents and club stalls. Also, don’t forget to collect all the free stuff on the way.

Ana was so busy with greeting new students that she forgot to take a photo of awesome volunteers at the Welcome Tent, so here’s an accurate drawing of what they looked like

Orientation is almost like a citizenship ceremony to becoming a uni student. Week zero (O Week) is full of positiveness and two-dollar food, so how could we miss that?

Plus Orientation staff and volunteers put a lot of hard work into the Orientation magic. Because we love seeing your faces!

On behalf of all staff and volunteers, welcome to QUT. We will be waiting for you at Orientation!

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    I love your accurate drawing Ana! Orientation is super fun as a staff member. So much nervous energy and excited vibes to get us through the big week. Thanks for sharing your smiles!

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