2 Things I found in QUT’s studywell this Summer

The holidays are almost over, but before the real world learning takes over my schedule, I decided to dedicate some of my holiday time to sharpening up my study skills to get ready for the new semester. I recently discovered QUT’s studywell portal and it proved to be a treasure trove of resources.

Two items attracted my interest right away:

  1. A note taking template

I had seen many and used a few but eventually adopted the approach of note taking without a template, instead jotting down words and points that seemed particularly relevant to the subject matter. This template was a handy reminder of study tools and techniques I had forgotten about and I will be incorporating some of the structure into my 2017 note taking.

  1. The SQ3R reading method

This method encourages you to scan, form questions from the titles and subtitles of your reading material before reading to find answers to your newly formed questions; reciting an overview of what you’ve just read; and then reviewing as an ongoing process during semester (the italics emphasise the three Rs). I’m not sure how long I will last forming questions before I actually read this semester’s material but like all study skills, once you find a technique you like, it tends to become second nature. This method might end up becoming a permanent part of my study and note taking method but even if it doesn’t, I think it’s always useful to try new approaches from time to time.

At the very least, my brief ‘holiday skills sharpening session’ has identified a handy new resource and will no doubt prove to be a useful warm-up prior to the start of semester!

You might also like to check out QUT’s Learning and study skills page for more useful information to help prepare you for the semester ahead.

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