Reflecting on my journey at QUT so far

I want to take you through my journey from Year 12 to my second year at university. I hope by sharing my experience I will help others realise university isn’t as scary as it may seem.

In Year 12, I found it frustrating being constantly asked about my future and what I wanted to become. Unlike now, I didn’t even know which direction to take when choosing a degree (I knew I wanted to go to uni, though).

I did not know what I could possibly do with my life when finishing Year 12

When I got accepted into QUT in January 2014 I was so unsure what major in Business to take, so I deferred my degree. I also hid a customised booklet from QUT that asked me a question I could not answer. I actually found this booklet a few days ago and realised how different my life is, and that is all thanks to QUT.

This booklet is a reminder of my journey

Now I can admit, even though my PR degree does not suit me much, without it I would not be able to find my real passion for psychology and student development. Being at QUT is not just doing a degree for me, I am involved with many co-curricular programs on campus that have shaped my thinking drastically.

The choices we make lead us somewhere we don’t always expect but end up being grateful for. I am not going to proceed my PR profession, but my decision to study at QUT helped me to discover student development programs that opened new career perspectives in psychology for me.

Try not to overthink your first study decisions. Even if you find what you’ve picked isn’t right for you, that choice will lead you down a path to rediscover your passions, as well as tapping into new ones.

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