New Year Word

I remember reading somewhere last year (the 12 months ago kind of last year not the few days ago kind of last year…) that theme words for the year ahead were the new black of resolutions.

Regular readers of my posts (thanks Mum!) will know that I’m not exactly one of the first in for any new trend so unsurprisingly, I find myself contemplating a word instead of a resolution (or dozen) when they’re probably starting to fade from the black of on-trend coolness to a dusty shade of ‘remember when’ grey but better late than never I say!

I have concluded, the long hard way, that the idea behind theme words is possibly to force a deeper level of thought than would often be the case with resolutions. Surely I’m not the only one who finds it relatively easy to think of things in the first flush of new year enthusiasm which seem like a terrific idea and a worthy goal but narrowing the focus of an entire year to just one word? I found it much harder than it sounded!

So on that note, and after much pondering over ham leftovers and stocking-stuffers of the chocolate variety, I think the postie I scribbled ‘finale’ on might be the one to stick….(yes, cringe if you must but pun intended!) and if I don’t actually conclude my course studies this year I guess I could recycle the postie for 2018, assuming it’s still sticky, of course (!!).

Is anyone else settling on a word instead of resolutions this year? I would love to hear about it!

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