Wish upon a visual board

Does a visual board of wishes really work? Well, to answer this question I would like to share my board from last Christmas:

My partner and I created this board of wishes before the 2015 Christmas while we barely could even believe these dreams could come true in the nearest future

Now let me give you three reasons to make one of those boards yourself.

1). It helps to visualise your dreams and work towards them every the time you see the board, that’s why it is on my closet door!

2). You finally start thinking of what you want in your life, long term and short term.

3). It’s working!!! Just look at this board, I managed to tick off half of the wishes in one year (and a few of them are extremely major, like getting a job I love or buying a car).

I want to underline the importance of dreams in our lives. We live once, so better get what you want the most, no matter how big or crazy the dream is!

How to create the board: Write every (little or big) dream down and find visuals of those dreams in magazines or on the Internet. Put them on the board and don’t forget to work towards them! “Work towards them” may sound abstract, all I mean is even if you will start thinking about your dream and the ways to reach it every day – you will get it sooner than you expect.

Do you have any stories of your visual boards? I would really love to hear them all! If not, share your plans and dreams for the next year.

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