A Letter to Year 12 Racquel

It has been approximately one month since I finished my third year as a QUT business school student, and during this month I’ve had so much time to reflect on these past three years. I feel like attending university has made me a stronger person mentally, because I’ve had so many big decisions to make regarding my study along the way. Looking back, I am a completely different person to the one I was when I graduated high-school, and QUT in particular has forced me into making life-altering decisions that has positively changed my future for the better.

I have so many things that I’d like to mention to a hypothetical younger Racquel to help her cope with the changes that will inevitably take place within the next three years of her life after high-school; so, here we go.

Dear younger Racquel, take your time; you have plenty of it

Your rush to finish university and get a full-time job is kind of ridiculous. You are only 17! You have plenty of time to explore and get a feel for what you enjoy. I know you’re stubborn and think that you know yourself off by heart already, but in truth you don’t. Over the next three years you will do so much that will make you into a completely different person to the one you think you are; you will volunteer at various events, you will have jobs where you will make new friends, you will go on holidays that will change your perspectives and you will discover new passions that haven’t even been touched on whilst you’re in high school. The degree that you choose to study is incredibly important so take your time in deciding what you would like that degree to be; if you rush, you will end up with a massive debt and a waste of three years.

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Dear younger Racquel, join more university clubs

Present day Racquel only ever joined one university club- the netball club- and regrets the fact that she didn’t join more. Don’t be afraid to make yourself more involved in university events such as industry and faculty clubs. You will likely make more friends through these clubs. You will also make more memories and there will more networking opportunities for professional development. Don’t let your fears of interacting with and meeting new people conquer your want to join university clubs.

Dear younger Racquel, go to all of your tutorials

Yes you live quite far away from campus, but the positives of attending tutorials will outweigh the negatives of catching public transport into university. Tutorials give you a much larger insight into what unit you are actually studying. Lectures are great and very helpful, but the one on one communication you get with your tutors are extremely beneficial. Present day Racquel regrets not attending as many tutorials as she should be, so do the right thing and take advantage of all your educational opportunities.

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