A letter to myself

Dear 2012 Maddie,

It’s midnight and you’ve just seen your OP result. You’re disappointed and heartbroken. You know you did the very best you can but that’s not enough to let you sleep easy tonight.

Here’s the thing, though – four years later, and we did it. We’re about to graduate from our first preference degree, and even if that’s not the degree we started in, it’s an achievement nonetheless.

That might not be enough to comfort you. You’re 17 and the world seems so much bigger now that you’ve graduated from high school. There are so many responsibilities to consider, decisions to make, and places to be. And as you prepare for uni life, you’ll realise that the transition into adulthood and higher education isn’t smooth at all.

But then again, no one really knows what they’re doing. I can vouch for that.

When you accept that uni offer somewhat begrudgingly, try to remember the privileged and fortunate position you’re in. Very soon, you’ll be floundering around the Kelvin Grove library wondering how you can sound smarter than you think you are in your next essay.

Trust yourself. Trust the journey.


I’m writing this from our holiday overseas. The sunsets are beautiful, and it’s just started snowing. A huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders. We’re hitting the ‘refresh’ button, breathing in the crisp, freezing mountain air, and life is good.

Years of hard work have come to a close. I’m reflecting on the friends we’ve made and the experiences we’ve had… it’s been a wild ride, but a worthwhile one. And though I may not be perfectly prepared for what comes next after our graduation, I do know this –


You’ll be okay, 17 year-old me. We’ll be okay. No matter how many mistakes we make or bad results we get (from OP results to uni assessments and more), we’ve made it thus far… I wonder what we’ll do next?

2016 Maddie.

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    I enjoyed this blog & it was like a self-reflection for me.


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