Welcome to QUTopia

Each semester, QUTopia is an event held over two market day weekends to provide real and practical experience to business students who are studying marketing. One of my business subjects (AMB240 Marketing Planning and Management) see students come together to create products and services which are then sold on market days.


This semester saw an eclectic mix of entrepreneurial businesses pop up including a casino, milkshake bar, and laptop sleeves made out of old denim jeans. Of course, the puns were a-plenty with creatively named businesses such as Bag to the Future and The Four Ps (a joke which only marketing people could come to appreciate).


I was the marketing manager for the Four Ps where we sold four diverse packs to provide “Something for everyone” (all starting with the letter P): Pamper Pack, Pleasure Pack, Power Pack, and Prepare Pack. It was a great experience to be able to see our idea come to life and interact in a real market environment.


The workload and preparation involved in the lead up to the QUTopia event was intense, so I found it was good I took that particular business subject during a semester where I wasn’t completely run off my feet.

While QUTopia is done and dusted for me, I can’t wait to see what the next group of marketing students create for the next one!

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