World Architecture Day

Happy World Architecture Day to you all!

Studying architecture is a rewarding and enjoyable journey … and here at QUT you really get to immerse your creative mind in a range of hands-on projects – especially model making. Model making is one of the greatest tools that help architects to design places!

Here are some of my interesting and unique models I have enjoyed making whilst at QUT.


Paper light made from old books.

This is a light made out of paper folded into chatterboxes. The light was intended to still be read like a book as some of the chatterboxes could be picked off and opened. Inside the folded paper was a black and white sketch of an architectural design. Each drawing showed a different space within the design.


The cardboard box – redesigned.

There are so many everyday materials that can be used to create a really unique model that captures interesting and moody spatial qualities. I used a cardboard box to cut and distort into ‘pillar’ like shapes. By adding a person it gave the model scale.


Paper and scissors.

Simple materials such as plain A4 printing paper when cut and folded create spaces with great light quality. Just hold your model against a bright light and see how it transforms the spaces inside your model. Don’t forget to add a person to show how the space might feel.


Simple curves.

A4 paper can also bend and curve quite easily  – look at the powerful forms and shapes these simple paper curves create! Imagine this space to be made from glass fibre concrete – it could be a really unique building – the likes of which the great Architect Zaha Hadid might have created!


Aerial view of a foam model.

I created a purely geometric design using foam and a hot glue gun. The image shows the aerial view of the model. When light was shone through the slits made in the foam – it created a geometric pattern on the ground. It would be a wonderful space to walk through and have light dance across your face every few steps.


Paper model with no glue!

This model was a challenge set by QUT where I had to create an abstract model from a large A2 piece of paper with no gluing. I was not allowed to cut off any paper – I had to use the whole A2 piece. It was tricky, but I eventually turned a flat piece of paper into a 3D intriguing object. The image here shows an interior perspective.


Making my own marble.

Here at QUT I was able to use the design workshop and test out making some of my own “marble” simply by using foam as my base piece and then marbling paint over the top. It looked very realistic and surprised a lot of people when the picked it up – because it wasn’t heavy – it was just foam!

Model making is fast, fun, and gets the creative juices flowing!

There are no rules with making models – just grab any materials – and start modelling. You’ll surprise yourself with how inventive you’ll become and you’ll be well on your way into creating a great piece that could one day be the next greatest architectural design!


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