International Cawfee Day

Happy International Coffee (or caw-fee as that girl from one of the older QUT ads says) Day!


Cawfee anyone?

Where would we be without our morning cups of goodness? You will be sure to find someone in the 9am lecture clutching on to one for dear life, whether it be a flat white, white choc mocha, skinny cappuccino or soy decaf extra-hot chai latté.

My name is Yacine and I am a caffeine-a-holic.  However, you will most likely find me around campus sipping on a $1 coffee from 7-Eleven. It tastes like coffee and you can even customise it as you get to make it yourself. More importantly, it gives me that much needed boost.


I am often chastised for drinking it by my friends. But you see, I go through an average of around 4 cups a day which all adds up at the end of the day for a uni student on a budget. If I only bought coffee on campus, I would spend over $20 a day. That’s more than parking!

I prefer to save my money and indulge on special occasions. Or when I am running late. Or when I need to finish an assignment due on that day. When I do, I always check the specials boards around whichever campus I find myself to be. You can often get a coffee and a cake for around $5!


Although I am afraid to say that if you are at Caboolture campus, there is only one café that serves coffee. But you could also try the machine in the library or if you really need to save money, there is free Nescafe in the student common room. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

At Gardens Point, you are spoilt for choice. If you’re meeting for a coffee date, I would suggest The Pantry located at the idyllic Old Government House. It also has a nice menu if you want to treat yourself to a meal. You can check out all the places here.


At Kelvin Grove, the newly renovated C block has some nice choices. Of course, you cannot go past the bustling Beadles On The Quad conveniently located beside the library. There are also cafés located down the hill if you brave the walk, or alternatively if you want to avoid the uphill battle. You can check out all the places here.

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    netakeli nanje boris

    i have all always love to part of QUT but get there is my gettest problem. and i am an international student so i believe that can happen only through scholarship. so Yacine what can i do?

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