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It’s been a few months since I packed up my car and moved out of home to the city (sorry Mum). And I’m loving it! No more hour-and-a-half train rides means that I can finally sleep in without having to feel guilty. And then there is the freedom of going out more often without having to catch the 1am train back. But it is not all as glamorous as it seems.


The rent comes out each week followed by electricity, internet, water and other expenses that you apparently need to survive on like food.


If you were like me, my mum used to cook meals and clean up the house because she was the domestic goddess that they do not portray on Real Housewives (and she worked too).

But now I find that I use the time I saved on travel to uni to do my own washing and prepare my own microwave meals. Well, that last bit is not entirely true. I usually prepare them in the oven as they taste better.

So here are my words of advice.

  • If you have to travel more than more than 90 minutes to get to uni then you might be eligible for the living away from home rate of Youth Allowance from Centrelink
  • You might also be eligible for an equity scholarship valued at up to $3,500 per semester
  • Do not move in with your best friends if you intend to keep the friendship
  • Make sure you do your research and find the best deals you possibly can. Visit the QUT sharehousing website (not this blog) for more information

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    Christopher Gough

    As an experienced townie, I’d add this: set aside some cash for household things you’ll forget to have prepared, because I guarantee you’ll forget something – usually kitchen stuff like tongs, measuring cups, can openers etc.

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