Favourite places on campus #EatOutsideDay

Our student bloggers share their favourite spots across our campuses for Eat Outside Day! Discover how they spend their breaks between classes…


Student blogger Sara’s favourite spot to chill out outside is around the Old Government House. There’s something about the way QUT mixes the old and the new that makes the campus so special.




Having my lunch outside is something I try to do frequently. I definitely recommend getting fresh air and Vitamin D in the Botanic Gardens, it’s a rejuvenating break between code-writing sessions at my laptop!


Student blogger Ana really enjoys Global Cafe sessions on campus – you get free coffee and many new friends each week! #EatOutsideDay #GlobalCafe #qutlife #qutrealworld

Ana_global cafe


Student blogger Maddie thinks that Z9 at Kelvin Grove is a pretty sight at dusk. You can probably find her having a snack and admiring the view from the Creative Industries precinct! #qutstudent #studentlife #eatoutsideday

Maddie_eat outside day

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    Hasruddin sais, ST

    Nice campus

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