I think I’ve survived the start of another semester – 13 weeks which will probably seem like nowhere near enough time to absorb, apply, critically analyse and recall all the material listed in my recently downloaded study guide.  It seems like both yesterday and a lifetime ago that I last experienced the start of semester. I remember the flush-with-enthusiasm spring in my step but can’t remember if I started mind mapping the concepts for visual reinforcement straight away or not or even when, exactly, during semester I felt like I had an idea of what the broader concepts were relative to the specifics. The stack of textbooks look like they weigh about as much as I do (without shoes) and its taken me more time than my embarrassment will allow me to admit to navigate cyber space in search of an article I’m fairly sure most would categorise as ‘readily available’.


“Searching all corners of the internet”

I feel like calling it quits for the day and going in search for a restorative chino (steaming, remember!).  But I’d better not do that until I finish searching cyber space thoroughly for this article, I must have searched most corners of the internet by now…..

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    Barcus Kanweay

    these are all good examples of your school, it seems very hard for me to through the process of getting into this instituiton, since i my graduation in june

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