Ready for QCS?

Are you ready for QCS Grade 12s? Whether you’re feeling confident or a little nervous about the whole thing, our ambassadors have been there and done that, and they’ve got some encouraging words for you.


Prepare for the QCS Test by writing short stories! You will have to write one on the QCS, so get your plot and characters ready now.

Happy Writing Year 12s!

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You might be tempted to stay up late the night before QCS to prepare, but don’t. Getting a good night’s sleep will not only make you refreshed the next day, but it is proven to help your brain’s memory, creativity and concentration! #earlybed #sharpmind #crushit

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The end of the QCS basically means you are ready for the ‘real world’. Student blogger Ana wishes clear minds and lots of handwriting power to all grade 12 students during the QCS! She says very soon you will be able to say ‘bye-bye school!’ like shedid three years ago. #QCSmemories #reallworldlife #qutrealworld #byebyeschool



Student blogger Jason says, “Quit Complicating Study for the QCS test, keep it simple!” 🙂 #QCStest #highschool #study #QUT #exams

Jason_QCS tip


Student blogger Maddie says, “QCS lasts only a few days, but you have an entire lifetime to work hard, dream big, and accomplish amazing things.” If you find yourself constantly thinking about the Queensland Core Skills test, check out Maddie’s latest blog

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