MISSING: Weeks in July. Reward for Safe Return.

Yet another four weeks of due-date and reading list reprieve in winter time. Opportunities to layer clothing. Excuses to upsize your hot beverage to prevent hypothermia taking hold of your hands. Ground hog days of disorientation when street lights flick on in the middle of peak hour. You’re probably sick of the holidays and glad to see the back of them, yes? JUST KIDDING!


Although my legs (and feet!) are well and truly embedded in seasonal witness protection to shield them from the on-again, off-again Queensland winter and I’ve given my best to Wimbledon in all of its middle-of-the-night couch side endurance training complete with colour-coordinated compression kit, it just doesn’t feel like my winter break is complete. I swear the last of the highlighter has just faded from my finger tips after enthusiastic exam note colour-coding. I may have recently swapped uni text books for easy reading, but week three is bearing down on me already! I wonder if I should check insta for #timegonemissing in case I’m not the only one?

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