Playing limbo: my transition into QUT from highschool.

I was fresh, straight from high school, an excited young girl ready to take on free dress every day as a new university student! (Yes, I was excited about the free dress – where unlike in school – it actually was free to wear non-uniform – instead of a gold coin donation).

My first day of uni was the most outrageous, funny day. I caught the train into uni and waddled my way through the city to the lovely Garden’s Point Campus. The array of tents and stalls that crowded the pavements at the entrance was an exciting sight to behold.
There were people everywhere! And they were chanting “freebies” and “prizes”. I thought this was incredible.

The day continued, I laughed all through my introductory classes and lectures, floating around the campus, high on sugar from the free lollies. The highlight of my first day was definitely the limbo Competition held by Officeworks. I gracefully joined the limbo line, swinging my hips to the music in utter delight. Before long, I was competing against the former limbo champion three times in a row without breaking a sweat. I won the comp and found myself lugging a huge, heavy printer to my lectures for the rest of day – attracting a lot off attention from all my new classmates.

My friends and I on our first day of uni Proudly showing off my printer! (far left)

My friends and I on our first day of uni
Proudly showing off my printer! (far left)

Since the first day of uni, the excitement wore off, and I have learned the real rush comes from handing assignments in on time, learning how to use Blackboard, and getting good grades (attending every lecture and tutorial is a must)! Non-the-less, whilst my transition into uni was one of blissful ignorance, I have grown in my knowledge as a student and can’t wait to finish my design degree!

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