Sun’s out, fun’s out! Why you should go to QUT Caboolture orientation.

The sun was out. The car park was full. Cars were parked all the way up the street. I was starting to think that it would have been quicker to walk from home. The Caboolture campus is usually pretty quiet during the semester. So why all the commotion? Two words: O-Week!

Every year in Semester 1, Caboolture campus goes all out and throws the biggest party event to celebrate the newbies going into their first semester at uni. When I first walked in the driveway on Wednesday, I noticed a big sign straightaway that said free coffee for students. I was home!

In the morning, business students were herded into a lecture theatre and given lots of information about the wonderful world of university. Then came morning tea where students were fed with gateaus, caramel slices and lots of delicious foods that would normally go straight to my thighs. Then there was another information session. And then the festivities began!


Stalls filled the driveway with everyone from the library to the Red Frogs having freebies on offer. There’s no $2 lunches. Because all the food is free! Pizza, burger and taco vans kept the food coming while the Red Bull girls gave away the new “tropical” flavour. It was pretty good. And no, I wasn’t paid to plug that.

The Business School tent had hackey sack tic-tac-toe with lots of awesome prizes including an awesome backpack and $100 text book voucher. In between the fun, the Caboolture student learning advisors and student success officers from Gardens Point answered questions about opportunities from international exchange to student societies.


Across the way, there was a petting zoo! I felt a bit ripped off as there was only a mechanical bull at my orientation. In the pavilion there was live music and a barn style set up, which had the vibe of a Sunday session without the alcohol.

But man, QUT Caboolture sure knows how to throw an event! While O-Week in Semester 2 isn’t a massive event like first semester, there’s still things to see and do as you prepare to settle in to university life. If you’re starting QUT at the Caboolture campus this semester, make sure you come along!

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