My Monday Bellwether

There’s something about Mondays that signal much about the week ahead. Last Monday had a particular anticipation and bubbling about it mixed with relief: Last Monday was signalling holidays.   

There was no need for the rush and adrenaline of an exam week Monday nor the double check of my to-do list like most Mondays.  Just an invitation to take things more slowly. To ponder activities which were not normally possible on a Monday. To take extra time diving in deep to Brexit news.


I spent a lot of time on the latter and a little on the former. If my past performance is any indicator of my future, no sooner than I grow accustomed to the semester holiday break change-of-pace, a Monday will roll around signalling a week ahead with to-do lists ripe for checking and newly uploaded Study Guides full of fresh course work to be read, understood and applied to real world situations. Until then I’m waving goodbye to Semester One and am headed for the exit!

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